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The L Café

Arms - Seabear

15 Septembre 2011, 12:38pm

Publié par Lulu

armsx▫ ° ▫x x▫ ° ▫x x▫ ° ▫x x▫ ° ▫x x▫ ° ▫x x▫ ° ▫x x▫ ° ▫x x▫ ° ▫x

You left your black gloves on my table
You left your dark horse in my stable
Thinking of a way, to get you to stay
And I promise to fight the wind and wait for you
are an owl, with tired eyes
I am a scarecrow in disguise

We often go out pacing
When all I want to do is stay inside and lookout the window
with you

There was a dead mouse in your arms
That was the moment that you lost your charm
An old bear paw, sitting in a jar
Under a tree that never grew any leaves

You shake my arms, you shake my hand
I fell asleep in your cobweb
And I'm turning off all the lights tonight
Saw you in a crowded bar, pale with hungry eyes

x▫ ° ▫x x▫ ° ▫x x▫ ° ▫x x▫ ° ▫x x▫ ° ▫x x▫ ° ▫x x▫ ° ▫x x▫ ° ▫x x▫ ° ▫x

(si vous n'arrivez pas à lire la musique, cliquez )

Une très belle chanson parfaite pour commencer la journée de bonne humeur. Son album The Ghost That Carried Us Away est également très sympa à écouter, avec notamment "I Sing I Swim", "Seashell" et  "Librairies".

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