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The L Café

How Much More - Stars

31 Mars 2011, 11:08am

Publié par Lulu


How much more am I supposed to take
How much more am I supposed to break
You asked for time, and time takes you away
I'm alone and you're a man
I need you closer to me 

My hands are tied
because I won't say goodbye
I tried
I told you I was brave but I lied

Is this the story or 
Is this the end
I always kill your shadow but,
Here we are again

In the wild, in the way you love me
With your smile, will you ever save
Save me
Because we can't freeze ourselves
In this hell
You came with me so hopeless I fell

How much more am I supposed to take
I can find forever in other ways
But how much more
How much more
I need you closer to me


(si vous n'arrivez pas à lire la musique, cliquez )

C'est rythmé et plein d'entrain. Bien bien bien. (c'était le commentaire hyper constructif du jour, bonjour)

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