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Best mattress for back pain for 2018 - Top 3 reviewed

19 Janvier 2018 , Rédigé par Silima Zeromi Publié dans #best mattress 2018, #best mattress, #mattress reviews

It seems like many of us are on the never ending search to find the best mattress for the money. After all, nobody wants to spend a fortune on an mattress only to find out that it is the most uncomfortable thing you have ever slept on in your life. Finding the right mattress is even more important for those of you with back problems, so please make sure to read our reviews on the best mattress for back pain while you are here.

How to Find the Best Mattress for the Money

best mattress for back pain 2018

Before you can even begin to find the best mattress for the money, you have to take into consideration certain factors that might make a mattress the best choice for you. There are really a lot of things to think about here and try to remember that while one mattress might be a great choice for one person, it may not be so great for another person. We each have our own individual tastes and levels of comfort. Some things you should consider are:

Cost of the Mattress – Most of us don’t have endless supplies of money just laying around ready to spend at a moments notice. Which means that cost is a very important factor. What we usually recommend is that you set a realistic budget for your new mattress and then narrow down your options to only mattresses that fit within that price range. This will give you fewer mattresses to consider and allow you to make a much better decision based on a product that you can actually afford.

Types of Mattresses

Choosing the right type of mattress is also very important. For instance, I personally can’t stand to sleep on a traditional spring mattress. After a night of sleeping on a spring mattress I wake up the next morning only to find that my entire body hurts. So for me the best type of mattress would be a memory foam mattress (read our memory foam mattress reviews) or a latex foam mattress. If you aren’t sure which type of mattress is best for you, spend a Saturday browsing a mattress store and make a point to lay on several types of mattress to see which one feels the most comfortable to you, but don’t buy one just yet.

Size of the Mattress – Years ago I made the mistake of buying a mattress that was too small, the decision to buy that mattress was based entirely on money. I found a great mattress and while I couldn’t afford the king size, which is what my wife and I wanted, we could afford a queen size mattress in the same model. That was a mistake I regretted for a long time, because I soon found out that the size of the mattress was very important. So take that into consideration when shopping for your new mattress. If you share your bed with your spouse, you might want to make sure to go with a king size mattress, however, a smaller mattress works perfectly well for those that sleep alone.

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